Guest Designer: Lisa Ridgely

As many of you know, my goal this year is to document and journal more. As I was pondering about this new challenge, I stumbled across this week's guest designer, Lisa Ridgely's blog, Pen and Ink and was totally moved! You must check it out! Lisa hand writes her entries. If anyone can encourage us to write more in 2010, it is her!

Tell us a little about yourself…

I am a lettering artist based in Hanover, Pennsylvania, where I work from my home studio and live with my husband, Josh, and our lovely little girl, Madilyn. I have loved beautiful lettering since childhood. When I was a little girl, I would practice my penmanship and create samples of my handwriting. As a student, I enjoyed taking notes in class simply because I liked to write. My high school notebooks were filled with meticulous handwriting in a variety of lettering styles. The idea to pursue lettering professionally was born as I sat in class one evening as a graduate student, doodling in the margin of my notebook.

How long have you been a lettering artist? What made you become a lettering artist?

I began lettering professionally in the fall of 2007, when I decided to seriously pursue the idea that had been in the back of my mind for some time. I began simply, by doing envelope addressing for wedding invitations. My work has since grown to include hand lettered design for all types of projects.

How would you describe your style?

Artistically, I create lettering in a variety of different styles, depending on the project. When it comes to personal style, I like minimalism, but with warmth – selective and styled, but still comfortable.

What inspires you to be creative?

The typical things – nature, solitude, beautiful surroundings. I'm also inspired by gorgeous type and vintage lettering.

Who are your favorite designers and why?

I love the work of type designer Ale Paul. He consistently produces absolutely incredible work. I'm also inspired by the color stories on A Creative Mint and the gorgeous, detailed styling and photography on Cannelle et Vanille.

What are your favorite color combinations to design with right now?

I've had a life-long love affair with gray, and love that it is especially popular right now. I also love navy and fuchsia, and robin's egg blue with pretty much anything.

What is your creative process?

I have a notebook with me at all times that is filled with an array of ideas, doodles, sketches, lettering, layouts, business plans, to-dos. When I fill one up, I move on to the next one. Most of my designs and plans grow out of an idea that began in my notebook.

What is your story that you are trying to tell? How can this inspire others?

In my work, I really try to create something that has personality, and that adds an incomparable human touch. I try to capture the essence that it is the little details the make something really amazing.

How can you inspire others to "create well"?

Hand lettering is so wonderfully personal. I think we can all identify with that incredible feeling that comes with receiving a handwritten note. I hope that my lettering inspires others to pick up the pen, too.

What inspires you in your everyday life?

My faith, my husband and daughter, going for walks, photography, organizing, music, touring historical and interesting places.

Most of our readers are papercrafters and wish that journaling could be easier. Can you give them advice? What can they do to document that memorable moment?

I'd encourage people to just get down those moments in their own handwriting. Even if it is just a little line here and there. I know that I treasure the most mundane things that are written by loved ones in their own hand. I really think that handwriting is something special, regardless of your penmanship abilities.

To be incredibly inspired by Lisa's passion of the written hand visit her at her website, blog, and Twitter.

Create Well: Identify with that incredible feeling that comes with receiving a handwritten note. Then, pick up a pen and write.


  1. Thanks, Lisa for sharing! I thought this interview very interesting and unique to see on a papercrafting blog! Thanks for the inspiration! Oh, loved Lisa's blog and how she hand writes her entries.

  2. Love this guest post! I actually follow Lisa's blog and I'm excited to have found your blog as well. I look forward to being 'inspired to create'! :)

  3. So cool to see Lisa here!!
    Isn't she the lovliest?!


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