How to Pack for a Crop

I am packed and ready to go to a local crop! It is tradition that my sister holds an all-night crop event at her home. First we head to our independent local Craft Warehouse's annual open house. It is a craft store's Black Friday with games to earn prizes, amazing sales, and make and takes all night long. It officially kicks off the holiday season for us!

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Afterwards, we head to her house for dinner and to work on projects all night long. Since my sister lives about 35 minutes from my house and I don't drive well in the dark, I just stay the night.

There are three kinds of croppers. If you don't know what a cropper is, it is a person that brings their paper crafting supplies to an event (whether it is a conference, get together with friends, or store crop night).

The first cropper is the one like my friend. She literally brings EVERYTHING she owns. We all laugh at her as she wheels in her wagon of supplies. As a card maker, she just doesn't know what she might need to make her card. Does she use even half of the stuff she hauls? - No! It is  who she is and we don't judge. Oh no we do not judge, cause if we need something we can always ask her and she will let us borrow it. Ha! She also works hard during her crop time. She is there to get her craft on!

The second cropper is like me. I love to visit while I am at an event. So, I only bring a few projects to work on. I make sure I get that work done while I am there, but I also take the time to walk around and talk with my friends. I can't work on multiple projects at once, so I limit myself to 2 bags. I also don't like a messy table so staying organized while in a limited work space is key for me.

The third cropper is the person that doesn't know what to pack! They come but really aren't sure what to work on. Sometimes they love to sit and chat. They will even bring their scrapbooks to show them to friends, but don't have a goal besides having a good time. Hey, they bring the best snacks too. That's ok because they are building relationships and enjoying the time away with friends!

Whether you are Cropper 1, 2, or 3 you will love having the Totally Tiffany Cropper Seat to hold your supplies so that you can have more room at your table. I was so excited to get all my supplies into the The Lois Buddy All Event Bag. Also, the Cropper Seat goes directly into it's own bag so you can carry it easily! No need to bring in a wagon for these supplies! Just carry and go!

Here is a video I created to share what I pack to go to an event!

As promised here is a list of everything I used to pack my supplies.

Crop Seat

Lois Buddy All Event Bag

Brandy Buddy Bag - Watercolors, burshes, and small shot glass for water

Shelly Buddy Bag - Adhesive

Debra Buddy Bag - Instax refills and Card Packs

Teresa Buddy Bag - Stapler, scissors, pen

Gail Buddy Bag - Large and regular size washi/glitter tape

or 10 pc Buddy Bag Set 

Ok, confess, what kind of cropper are  you?

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