Helmar - Faith Canvas

I was almost in tears of excitement using Faber Castell's products this week on a mini canvas board. I love creating these because afterwards it easily fits into a frame by removing the glass. Then can get hung on right on the wall. Easy art!
This photo was taken by my sister of her mother-in-law. It had the perfect contrast for the bright colors that only Faber Castell can create in a mixed media project.

The layering process was so easy. The first layer was applied with Helmar's Decoupage and Craft Paste and paper (paper designed by Debee Ruiz from Me and My Big Ideas).
(Note: I only applied Helmar's Decoupage and Craft Paste to the board. I did not use a layer on top of the paper.)

It was super cold outside and too dark that I cut the paint splatter out of paper and glued it on instead of using the usual paint can this time. Ha!

I sped up the drying process with my heat gun...

I added a little white wash with white acrylic paint, water, and a paint brush so the colors of the Gelato would stand out more.

I then started applying the brillant products from Faber Castell.

I laid a circle stencil down over the paper and used the orange Gelato from the Mix and Match Mixed Media Sampler, then colored in random circles.I used a small paint brush and with a little water on it, I wet the circles. I made sure to use the heat gun to set it before the next step.


I repeated the same thing but used the PITT Artist Pen Big Brush in Dark Naples (deep yellow). I did a couple circles in the Turquoise Metallic Gelato for a little contrast. I again added a little water with a paint brush to blend in the color. I then used the heat gun before starting the next step.
Adding a little shading between the circles I drew with the Pink Gelato right onto the canvas. Using a clean wet small paint brush I blended it into the paper slightly. I then used the heat gun to dry it before the next step.

I loved it so much but wanted to tone down the yellow by shading it in with the matching Pastel Pencil. Then, I did a little outline on the outside of some circles with the PITT Artist Pens in Orange Glaze 113 and Deep Scarlet Red 219 (which are fine point drawing pens).


I then started adding my photo, border, and scraps for the journaling. I then stamped the script sentiment with black Stazon ink.


I used the Black 199 PITT Artist Pen Big Brush and actually wrote the title "Faith" right over the photo. I was shocked at how dark and vibrant the black was. It had no problem gliding across the photograph.

I have tried this technique with paint and really disliked the look of my handwriting using a paint brush. Using this Big Brush gave the affect that I wrote it with paint but it is so much easier to control. I was so pleased with it that I will be doing this more often on my mixed media projects and scrapbooking layouts! Plus, it is Indian ink which is why it is such a vibrant color - perfect for mixed media.

Knowing how beautiful the black dried, I went ahead and colored back in some of the paper's spray paint that was white washed. It really looks like I sprayed several layers of paint, when all I did was color dots in. ;)

Afterwards, spray the canvas with Helmar's NEW Crystal Kote Matte Fixative, to protect the project and make sure the beautiful colors STAY beautiful!


Create Well: Try to layer different products in a new way on your next project.

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