Helmar - Never Give Up

These last few weeks, I have been trying to encourage myself as an artist. Those that have creative minds might understand what I mean. As artists we may wake up thinking creatively and go to bed thinking the same way. I have been an artist sine I was in junior high and it wasn't until just about three years ago that I realized that I was created this way. I mean, unless you have friends that are artists and like-minded, you feel alone and at times might question your sanity! There are times when we need to get our hands dirty with paint (and Helmar) or we feel restless. There are times where we might get discouraged or feel like we are not good enough. I continually fight the lies that are fed me that keep me from creating.


Some ways I keep myself encouraged to create are:

1. Keeping my priorities in check.

When I put the things that are most important in my life first, it keeps my mind guilt free to create. For example, my family comes first. So, I keep myself accountable to making sure my other job (wife, mother, and homemaker) is done before I pull out the scrap supplies. So, I do  my household chores first. To do that I have a weekly schedule breaking down my duties so that I do not get overwhelmed.


2. Stay connected.

This year I have realized the importance of relationships. When you are thinking of others, you aren't thinking about yourself as much. Know what I mean? The more you think about yourself, the more you are focused on your short comings and not on your gifts.

Join a scrap club. Go to a retreat. Attend a weekly mom's or women's group. When you meet new people, you are able to bless them with yourself and your talent.They end up blessing you too!

3. Never give up.

There has been two times in my life that I gave art up. I use to draw and paint and those gifts are almost gone now because I did. Some artistic talent is perfected by practice. When you give them up they can be lost. I regret those times in my life where I was lost in who I was and tried to be what others wanted me to be. I am so thankful my dear twin sister persuaded me to pick up a paint brush again.

Never give up. You were created to create! If you tend to always have a desire to either paint, color, draw, cut, glue, or get your fingers dirty with a charcoal pencil, you are unique! Embrace that!


4. Make time.

Set a specific time in the week to create. I make sure all my week's duties are done by Saturday so that I have a free day to at least get in the craft room once on the weekend.

Once a week sometimes isn't enough for me and my mind keeps busy creating even when I can not get into the studio to play. So, to help keep my mind at peace, I keep sketch books around the house. One is on my nightstand. When I have an idea for a project or layout, instead of tossing and turning all night wishing I was using Helmar's 450 Quick Dry, I grab my sketch book and jot it down really quick. You would be surprised how quickly you fall asleep afterwards!


5. Believe in yourself.

Sometimes this one is hard. But, take time to look at your work. After doing a page, I place it in my album and sometimes it just sits there. Take it out. Show your children. Let your family enjoy your work. When they express their joy at the memories you are recording, it gives you joy.

If you are a card maker, keep a few of your pieces. Color a few images just for yourself. Frame and hang them up. Enjoy them.

If you are a mixed media artist, stop giving away all your pieces. I go into my sister's office or my in-laws house and it is like an art gallery of my own work. Ha! I actually have forgotten about a lot of them. They are beautiful on display in their homes. Why do I not have any hanging in my own home?! It is because I am too busy creating for others. Take time to create a piece for yourself and hang it up to remind you why you do it in the first place. It gives you joy...

Layout supplies: Helmar Premium Craft Glue, Helmar's Scrap Dots, and Bella Blvd.

Create Well: Never give up...


  1. Hi Jennifer! Love your layout and your post, too! I'm the same way as you in the aspect I don't let myself do any crafting until my family is taken care of and my "chores" are done. It doesn't leave a whole lot of time! That's okay though, one of these days my children will be grown and it will be quiet in my house and I'll miss the choas of 5 children! lol That's cool that you are a twin. I am a mama of twin boys, 8, and you can't get any closer then those boys! Are you like that with your sister? I did stay up late the other night and make a smash page..totally different than your style,which I LOVE but I think it turned out cool. I used all scraps and misc stuff laying around. Come check it out on my blog if you get a second! Keep up the great work! I read every post and watch every video! :) Have a great night! HL

    1. Thank you so much for your nice comment, Heather! Going to check it out right now!


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